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Panic gripped the streets of London this morning when patches of sky took on an unusual blue colour and a ball of fire appeared above the city. The phenomenon, known as ‘The Sun’ and commonly found in Mediterranean countries, unleashed a terrifying heat and brightness upon the capital, causing many pedestrians to take off their hats and scarves, while motorists were able to turn both their headlights and wipers off. Gordon Brown urged people to be calm and return to work as normal stating: “We’ve seen this sort of thing before but it never lasts.” There are forecasts that ‘The Sun’ could be seen throughout the weekend but a spokesman for No.10 said, “I wouldn’t hold my breath”.

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I’ve just bumped into this article, I find it quite amusing.

60% of the employees in the survey sample admit that they do not work full hours as they should. An average of 2 hours is lost. Of course, they had tons of personal things to sort out in working hours.

Not surprisingly, the top wasting time activity is to surf Internet for personal use (about 45% among 10,000 surveyees ), followed by chit-chatting with co-workers and conducting personal businesses.
Especially some of them are very brave to admit that they apply for another job in the office. (I wouldn’t argue with the result of this research at all.)

In many offices, HR and IT Department have worked together to ban several websites and chatting applications, but I guess it’s not enough, technology has taken an advance step. Now, Yahoo and Google has launched their chatting application online, i.e. we can chat as if we are surfing the internet. How brilliant and creative people can be to surpass the barriers set by employers.

I would bet this research was done before the creation of Facebook. As Facebook is now such a trendy & “kool” thing to do, we would feel as if we were left aside by not living on Facebook. For many, it will take more than 2 working hours/day spending on the page and updating their mood, typically: “Tom is bored”, “Sam is flirting with Alice”, “Ann is tickling herself and giggling” etc…

Oh, and they should have added another wasting time activity as “Updating personal blog”…. :-[

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In business’s life, it’s very important to be “Pro”, if you’re pro, you’ve got a voice. If you are not pro, you’re just another dust in the sand dune, people would show you “talk to the hand” sign.

I guess an example would be people working in the City – the famous square mile. They dress up in dark suits everyday, they wear pink shirts and yellow ties, they read Financial times and talk about global issues, they smile and have firm handshake… Wow!!!

And I suppose, the supermarket company in the City work this out easily.They must have the whole process to select staff to work as tellers in the area. They are told to treat their customers in a Pro way – unlike many other areas, say, East London(?!?) – where they don’t know how to smile or be polite and helpful.

I’m actually a regular of a supermarket in the City, simply because it’s near my place, and relatively cheaper than others. I realise that they’re quite Pro in many ways, except sometimes they forget to look at you when you say Hi or when they are busy chatting and laughing with each other. Fine, as long as their products are good, I don’t really care.

I had considered myself as a “pro” in shopping, I could have told you a small tip: Look for the yellow label, they are “on-sale” range. But now I’m absolutely confused and puzzled. I guess this was done by another “Pro” puzzle-maker: To buy each of these, you pay £1.45, but if you buy 2 of them, you’ll pay ONLY £3. Hurray! (Oops!!!)


This post based on the original & inspiring post in Spanish.

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Flood in UK

I can’t say enough how surprised I am to witness what I’m seeing now in UK – one of the most civilised and developed countries in the world!(?)

I’ll tell you why.

When it’s hot, people would faint in the underground stations, because they were built years and years ago, and there was no global warming issue, so they don’t have good ventilation system. Recommendation to passengers: bring a bottle of water with you if you don’t want to pass out because of the heat shock. Brilliant!

When it rains, water sewage and drainages can’t cope, pipes burst and flood is inevitable. Look at these pictures, can you believe it’s in the UK?


And in one day like in many other days, the train to Brighton (the very South of UK) is delayed because it’s snowing in Scotland!

WHAT??? Are you serious???

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I’m on page 115 of the latest Harry Potter’s book. It was easy-reading, everything flows so smoothly and quickly. I can’t wait to see when Voldermort is killed…

I love their trio-friendship and all the protection and plans were so exciting. The bit when Ginny and Harry kissed was a bit too cheesy.Bah, never mind, everything else was good…

Ok, I cheated! I read the synopsis on Wikipedia before reading the book. The only difference is if I hadn’t read the end and known that HP survived and the Dark Lord to be killed, either I wouldn’t have started reading the book or I would have read the book in one go without sleeping or eating, and that would be so unhealthy. I did that with previous Harry Potter books. :P)

So cheating sometimes work for good reason! 🙂

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London bus driver

London night bus

London’s bus is one of the British pride – a double decker especially, I believe. Although “punctuality” is not in the London transport dictionary, this entry is dedicated to praise London bus drivers. There’s always a bright side of life, isn’t there?

1. Once, I forgot a full bag of books that I borrowed from my University on the way to the library. It was not until 20 minutes later that I remembered, and obviously, the bus had gone. I came back to the bus stop, talked to the driver of the next bus, told him about the books and the time that my bus passed. The bus driver was very helpful, he called the operator, then the bus driver that had my books, that bus driver then searched and found my books, and kept them for me. I got them back about 45 minutes later. Although there was a grumpy old lady yelling at the driver who helped me, he was kind and patient enough to wait and give me all details so that I could take my books back… and I forgot to ask for his name… 😦

2.Normally after midnight, London is full of drunkards and it’s not nice experience for bus drivers as drunk people can get furious easily and pointlessly. And to be a night bus driver, one might need to be a bit “ruthless”. But fortunately for me, there was a bus driver who was very nice. He helped my friends and me with the search of the streets and we could catch the next bus without waiting for a single minute. (Whoever travels with a night bus would know that one would have to wait for an hour or two for a bus to come, and that’s normal. Once a friend of mine had to wait for 2 hours and the night bus that never came…)

3.Another case that I met a nice driver was an evening, the bus suddenly stopped and we didn’t know why. It turned out to be the driver saw a woman collapse by an empty road, he stopped and called the ambulance for the lady and waited until there were somebody else coming over and taking care of the lady. I think although passengers were slightly late but his gesture was really appreciated, we wouldn’t know what would have happened to her without his help… 🙂

Let’s look at the bright side of the life!!!

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Europeans saying: Englishmen are like mushrooms, they rush out right after the rain.

Well, who are living in London would understand the reason very well. It’s so rare and precious to have a ray of sun and light this July (!?). It has been raining, dark and grey. BBC even had one show on which one of the psychologists turn up and guide you how to get over the weather and do not feel depressed. How lovely the weather is treating us… 🙂

Then, as a matter of fact, when it’s raining and depressing, we get together in a traditional basement bar (aka dungeon) and start drinking. “Oh, c’mon, it’s miserable, let’s drink and have a laugh, forget about everything else. An Eringer for this lady here and 2 Stella, 3 Landlord, and …”

And if the weather is better (i.e., stop raining, don’t think of the sun, it’s luxurious), we get out and continue drinking. “Hey, let’s celebrate the weather, how often do you have a day without raining and miserable cold? C’mon, let’s a have a drink. A toast for the good English weather!” Yay!

I do think drinking is in the British culture, if you don’t drink, you’re anti-social, and we don’t want that, so we drink, booze, be drunk, and suffer from next day’s hangover…

British mention about hangover as something they are proud of, as Italian say about their cuisine, French say about their fashion and style, Spanish say about their passion and flamenco. Hangover is like a loud evidence: Yeah, I’m popular, I’m a social person, I’ve got friends and parties and stuff like that…

Oh, by the way, I’m having a hangover now…

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