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This is what I found on my holidays last week in a beautiful town by the beach. I think this is the most sensible advertisement that I have ever seen.


Mr Material is looking for his Ms Right:

  • Good Woman
  • Must be able to cook
  • Clean
  • Gut fish
  • Dig worms
  • Have a nice boat
  • Have a prestige car
  • Please send your photo of car and boat to…

Heehee.. At least this guy doesn’t lie 🙂


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I watched a program today on TV about Addicted to Internet. Nowadays, we live in a Digital world where we can connect to the Internet just with a small mobile phone. As they say, “just a button away“… I find it so easy for me to be addicted to things. When I was really young, I was playing games. A bit older, I started chatting. And sometimes, if I felt like a book, I couldn’t do anything before finishing it, now I enjoy blogging, surfing others’ blogs, etc…

I was thinking I might be categorised as one of those, until recently, I went for my holidays (Btw, that was the reason why my blog looked a bit poor for the last week – sorry 🙂 )

For the last several days, I was out of technology, didn’t touch the computer, didn’t know what was going on in the world, just enjoyed the Sun, the Beach and the lovely relaxing holidays.

And now I’m safe to say that I’m not THAT addicted to the Internet. Can you tell?

Take a fun test!

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Guys, tell me how long does it take you to propose to your girlfriend? or girls, how long does it take your hubby to propose you?

6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, shorter or longer, or never? 🙂

That’s the good thing being a guy, isn’t it? You have the control of the proposal – well, not marriage yet – but at least, after the proposal might come the wedding, not the other way round. A girl, on the other hand, is pretending to be patient and guess. Unless she is like Monica in ‘Friends‘ – asking Chandler – to give her his hand 🙂

My question is how long it should be enough to make such a decision? Maybe time is not the real issue, the matter is how they are getting along? Is it really true???

So if a couple are sticky, can they get married after 3 months going out? Is it too early or is it ok?

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For me, lavender is a special kind of plant. It’s hard for me to tell enough how much I feel about them. I love looking at their flowers. They are shining modestly in the sun, they are wild and cute, their smell is sweet and divine, their purple colour is just beautiful, especially in the sun and there are bees buzzing about… There’s nothing better than that relax feeling in such a lavender garden, sun glasses on, a cold drink, and a good companion…

I’ve got a tiny pot of lavender in the most sunny spot in my terrace. I’ve been given so much care and love. But sadly, it just won’t bloom…

Why why why???

Of course, I’m living in London. And now it’s end of August. The real summer ended in April… Since then, it has not been sunny long enough, despite my care and its healthy grow, it just can’t release the divine smell or cast a flowery spell… 😦

What else should I do now to save my lavender?

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Last Friday, BBC had an interesting article about Health concerns. It’s read: “Exercise ‘must be tough to work’! ” Sounds hard, isn’t it? After years and years of research, now they have concluded that an easy, gentle exercise (such as ‘a mere stroll to the car park’) might not be enough to keep you fit. As it’s said ‘No pain, no gain’, you need to break into sweat regularly to guarantee your fitness. Unfortunately, sometimes ‘pain doesn’t grant you gain’.

  • ‘Couch potato-ing’: Sitting in a couch, watching telly even sports wouldn’t help you. Seeing Micheal Johnson running at an incredible speed of 10m/s would make you extremely tired and feeling like out of breath, it’s actually not helping you at all. Even if from time to time, you might need to stand up and get some beer or snacks from the fridge, this wouldn’t assure you fitness. (Tough)
  • Going to the stadium for a game? Yes, this involves driving, walking, singing, shouting, etc. This might even make your heart pound extremely hard when your players almost score in the own goal or the penalty is granted for a dive of the ‘opponent team’… All this might be suffering. But it doesn’t mean you would be fit afterwards. (Not yet to mention, if your team wins, a lot of alcohol is consumed) (Tough & Sweat)
  • Going shopping: Going shopping involves a lot of activities, including physical and mental. It would be exciting for girls and exhausting for guys. You have to go in and out the changing rooms, elbow others out in the sale season, surf from one shop to another, even 3 hours of shopping doesn’t necessarily grant you fitness. For many guys, a lot of pain doesn’t mean gain here. (Well, it also depends what he might get from his beautiful companion :P) (Tough & Sweat)
  • Strolling on the beach: One of those sunny days on the beach, you and your pals (preferably of the same gender) have a walk on the beach. Having sneaky looks at people in trunks and tiny bikini might help you to break into sweat, but unfortunately, this doesn’t help you to be fit either. (Sweat)
  • Going to bars: After your roast dinner, you might fancy some pints? This is, surprisingly, a lot of work. You have to stand, order drinks, socialise with your mates or strangers in the bar, get out of the bar, walk a bit, find another bar, enter another bar, be a social charming guy, etc… This could be hard work. But unfortunately, it wouldn’t guarantee you anything healthy but a big beer belly… (Tough & Sweat)

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I’m doing Martial Art with some of my friends. One day, we were discussing about some techniques (purely techniques) for our grading the next week. Another guy sitting nearby was ‘disgusted‘ by our talk (his word).

He told us how brutal and evil we were for being excited and talking about “fighting”. His argument was we would become aggressive if we learn about martial art – for him, it’s just punching and kicking.

My argument would be completely different. I guess because he’s never done such a thing. The point is it would depend on the learner’s attitude. Before joining the course, you are asked why do you want it?
My answer is very clear “Self – defense“.

Before and after each session, (that’s twice every 2 hours), we have to speak out loud our principles when we learn Martial Art. In brief, it’s “to defend”, “to respect”, “to help others”, “to self-control”… not “to fight”!!!
And as it’s said, when you say it enough, you’ll believe in it. The idea is very clear, you fight, yes, but that’s genuinely protection, you’re prepared when you are attacked.
Again, this could be different in other people’s attitude. But please, don’t put all of us in a bunch of “Brutal and Violent Fighters“, that’s insulting!

P/S: You would know how useful martial art if you were a small girl!

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One of the most repeated apocalyptic scenarios through History has been that of a “superpopulated” world, exhausting resources in an unsustainable growth. Well, recent studies say that the End of the World is not any more. Well, not that way at least.

You might have heard about the Easter Island where, legend goes, a culturally and socially advanced society flourished before the European arrival. The population grew to such extent that they exhausted the resources that sustained them. The 3,200km that separate it from the Chilean shore prevented the emigration, which triggered the dawn of the civilisation, among cannibalism scenes (so the legend says). Some have found this to be the mirror of the Earth, meaning the end of Mankind.

The English economist Thomas Malthus coined the famous statement that says that food grows in arithmetic progression while population grows in geometric progression. In Leyman’s words: the population grows faster than the resources that sustain it. This means that there will be a moment when the Earth will not be able to sustain its population. He justified the population growth with the following words:

“[…]the passion between the sexes is necessary and will remain nearly in its present state”(1)

From this point “Malthusianists” appeared, and the Club of Rome, which proposed the “zero growth” as the pursue of continuous growth is unsustainable.

Malthus also favoured chastity as a way to control population growth (but he didn’t trust this option, as his best bet for population control was periods of famine). But how was he going to foresee that the anticonceptive industry would allow the guy next door to free his passion without that meaning a further burden for poor Earth? The Economist published some days ago that UN reckons that population will reach a peak of 10 billion around year 2050 and then will begin a low descent. Great! No end of the World. No Soylent Green for dinner.

But it seems that this is not reason for happiness. Now, an ageing society will need young brains to keep on creating and more important, pay for the pensions. All this time hoping that the “one child” policy in China worked out to control the population, and now we will have to import qualified labour. Will some countries be left empty? Like those towns where only old people remain. Immigrants, instead of coming in illegal lorries or precarious boats will arrive in business class, paid by the developed countries, to save Humanity. “And do not forget coming with your wives and do not stop making children”.

So long worrying about a crisis for superpopulation, and now I will have to worry about a n infrapopulation crisis. Please, let’s make up our mind!

(1) An Essay on the principle of population, by Thomas Malthus

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