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I’ve been thinking of the series after Harry Potter. Normally a successful sequel is followed by another one. Who could be potentially the main plot or the next hero?

Will it be about the Elder Wand even though Harry Potter is dead undefeated? Will the Wand with its own power lures the next powerful and greedy wizard (Viktor Krum ) who could cause another battle across the borders in the Wizard world?

Will it be about Albus Severus Potter – who will probably join Slytherin House, become a dark wizard with his parents’ talents and bravery in his blood and will he fight to become a good wizard again? Will he, by any under a name’s charm, inherit the hero and also dark side from Albus Dumbledore or the weak love side from Severus Snape who is deeply in love with somebody who never loved him?

Will it be about Teddy Lupin, who is the son of Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks? Will he inherit his father werewolf features or his mother’s as a Metamorphmagus (shape-shifter)? He’s an orphan, just like Harry Potter. He’s a mixed blood. He could be dark, he could be hero, or he could be both at the same time… But who will he fight back?

“All is not that well”…


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I’m on page 115 of the latest Harry Potter’s book. It was easy-reading, everything flows so smoothly and quickly. I can’t wait to see when Voldermort is killed…

I love their trio-friendship and all the protection and plans were so exciting. The bit when Ginny and Harry kissed was a bit too cheesy.Bah, never mind, everything else was good…

Ok, I cheated! I read the synopsis on Wikipedia before reading the book. The only difference is if I hadn’t read the end and known that HP survived and the Dark Lord to be killed, either I wouldn’t have started reading the book or I would have read the book in one go without sleeping or eating, and that would be so unhealthy. I did that with previous Harry Potter books. :P)

So cheating sometimes work for good reason! 🙂

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I was going happily into a big field of sunflowers, sun was up high and the flowers were singing and swaying in the breeze.
All of a sudden, clouds came with thunder and lightning.
I found myself so tiny hiding under one of the flower petals.
But when I sneaked outside, all the flowers were drooping. They were dying right in front of me. NOOOOO…..

From the sky, I heard a wild cry of a kind of bird, some shadows flied fast towards me.
The flower suddenly turned into a house with a door with a small locking hole…
The wild birds came closer and closer… They were now right in front of the door, they looked like big angry geese, but with horrible messy gray feather.
One of them was aggressively putting its peak inside the locking hole. And suddenly, it turned into a man’s head and then an arm, trying to grope in vain…
It was not quite a man, but rather an Orc or a monster, dirty, disgusting…

Instantly, I saw next to the door is a firing cooker…
Despite how dirty the arm was, I grabbed it with all of my strength, pushed it down to the fire, the monster roared badly, showing me its bloody fangs…
But I insisted, I held until the arm was burnt, it used all its strength to withdraw and flied away…

Unexpectedly, I saw some of my closest friends appear around me, one of them rushed out. I didn’t even have a chance to grab him back. And I don’t know why I couldn’t even open my mouth to call him. There was something holding me, I was freezed…
All I could do is think: “Oh, no please, call him back, it’s still dangerous out there… The monsters are not far away yet… Please… ”

And my tears woke me up…

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A little creature was wandering in its pasture. Looking beyond the horizon, It realised the world is far larger and waiting for its discovery.

And that’s where the dilemma starts. Its curiosity doesn’t go very well with its fearfulness and its needs of being cared and protected.

One day, on the way to the horizon, It stumbled and fell ill. Lying down in the cold and rotten hay, It feels the loneliness and tiredness, deeply in its heart, It wants a home.

Luckily, there was a kind-hearted farmer who saw it, loved the little thing, took It home and cared for it. It appreciates its new life, simple and peaceful. From time to time, It was taken to see the world by the farmer and It loved all that about human world.

However, nothing is that easy in life, conflicts and unfulfilled desires mounted in its small head. Again, It likes to wander around like a silent shadow in the small garden, talking to the wild daisy and buttercup about dreams and loves…

And the day has come, It suddenly caught the eye of a stranger who has deep and warm eyes. The eyes seem knowing how to talk, they tell It about another world that It has never known before, the stories of untouched land and fantasy world with kings, queens, knights, evils, fairies, fights for happiness. It forgot of everything else in its little world and It found its smile back…
One day, the stranger saw its leash in its neck, the farmer’s leash…
Again, being lonely, It wanders around and whispers to the wild flower by the road: “Should It or should It not”?

The wild flowers swayed from side to side in the wind but said nothing.

The stranger stopped by the road, leaned down and picked the little creature up with a strong blue-ribboned arm. The stranger held the little creature still, turning the collar of the leash around looking for the little creatures name.

The wildflowers watched the stranger and the little creature and remained silent.

The stranger read the little creatures name out loud and smiled a warm lipless smile. After loosening the little creatures collar a notch and rubbing the little creatures neck the stranger leaned over the garden gate and placed the little creature gentley back in its little garden.

The stranger and the little creature stared and smiled and stared and smiled and stared and smiled over the fence at each other until the sun began to set over the strangers shoulder. The stranger kissed a hand, leaned over the garden fence and gently touched the little creatures forehead.

“I have to leave now and return to my own little garden” the stranger said in a sad voice. “If you want to find me, follow a bumblebee.”

the wildflowers had been waiting fot this moment to open their mouths and sing. As their voices rang out across the little garden, breeze blown seeds scattered over the garden fence, across the pasture and over the horizon.

The stranger and the little creature stood still and marvelled at the soft shiny seeds with wide eyes and open mouths.

At that moment a wildflower seed landed in the strangers golden hair. The stranger removed the seed, placed it gently on top of the little creatures head and winked before turning and walking away from the little garden towards the horizon.

The little creatures eyes followed the strangers journey. Every now and then the stranger would stop, turn, look back at the little creature in the little garden and smile a warm lipless smile. When the stranger crossed the horizon the little creature looked down,stopped smiling, paused for a moment before it turned its head and went back…

(…special thanks to a friend who was once her inspiration and a great helper…)

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