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How was your weekend? “My weekend was quiet” is not a “Kool” answer. Surely I need something like “hammered”, “hangover”, “party”…That’s what is expected or otherwise, people would tell you “Get a life, mate!”.

Well, one should not be surprised to see that Britain is a boozy country. Their statistics show that 60% of the population drink more than 5 units a day regularly… Surely, their livers would like to party!

The last thing I want to see is my boss being drunk, although that could be an entertaining event. The contrast between the black suit and a loose tie, messy hair and red cheeks. The contrast between my professional boss and the “wild – drunken – hitting on – random – girls” guy in the pub.

The classic story that has happened “for real” was when 2 guys in gray suit talking and boozing in Dixie Queen – the famous boat bar on the Thames – often hired by big firms for their employees event. After several rounds, we heard their voices. Suddenly, “Slap”, the old guy fell on the floor. The next day, the young guy had an “urgent” meeting with HR, and his disappearance after that was explained by an HR note “due to poor performance… immediate effect… “.

Morale of the story? I think you can figure it out yourself.


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I learn new things everyday. 🙂

Recently, I’ve been learning to discover about myself (not so interesting) and others (interesting).

One of the most important characteristics is how we are charged, i.e. where we’ve got the energy from. Some get it from socialising, communicating with others ( The Extrovert). Some get it from books, computers and themselves (The Introvert). They can be loud, they can be quiet, or can swing from one to another at times. But it’s not the problem. However, funny enough, extrovert people can turn into introvert ones when they meet very dominant character, if under stress, you might see them going to a corner and sobbing. :-/

It’s very interesting thing to see people under tough situations. Some burst their anger, some swallow it in; some scream, and some others bite their lips and keep silent; some grow stronger, some others need mental counselling and treatments; some quit, and some keep going… It’s life. And it’s FUN!

btw, I’m neither of those. I’m the one who is happy with a hidden strawberry:-)


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Last Friday, BBC had an interesting article about Health concerns. It’s read: “Exercise ‘must be tough to work’! ” Sounds hard, isn’t it? After years and years of research, now they have concluded that an easy, gentle exercise (such as ‘a mere stroll to the car park’) might not be enough to keep you fit. As it’s said ‘No pain, no gain’, you need to break into sweat regularly to guarantee your fitness. Unfortunately, sometimes ‘pain doesn’t grant you gain’.

  • ‘Couch potato-ing’: Sitting in a couch, watching telly even sports wouldn’t help you. Seeing Micheal Johnson running at an incredible speed of 10m/s would make you extremely tired and feeling like out of breath, it’s actually not helping you at all. Even if from time to time, you might need to stand up and get some beer or snacks from the fridge, this wouldn’t assure you fitness. (Tough)
  • Going to the stadium for a game? Yes, this involves driving, walking, singing, shouting, etc. This might even make your heart pound extremely hard when your players almost score in the own goal or the penalty is granted for a dive of the ‘opponent team’… All this might be suffering. But it doesn’t mean you would be fit afterwards. (Not yet to mention, if your team wins, a lot of alcohol is consumed) (Tough & Sweat)
  • Going shopping: Going shopping involves a lot of activities, including physical and mental. It would be exciting for girls and exhausting for guys. You have to go in and out the changing rooms, elbow others out in the sale season, surf from one shop to another, even 3 hours of shopping doesn’t necessarily grant you fitness. For many guys, a lot of pain doesn’t mean gain here. (Well, it also depends what he might get from his beautiful companion :P) (Tough & Sweat)
  • Strolling on the beach: One of those sunny days on the beach, you and your pals (preferably of the same gender) have a walk on the beach. Having sneaky looks at people in trunks and tiny bikini might help you to break into sweat, but unfortunately, this doesn’t help you to be fit either. (Sweat)
  • Going to bars: After your roast dinner, you might fancy some pints? This is, surprisingly, a lot of work. You have to stand, order drinks, socialise with your mates or strangers in the bar, get out of the bar, walk a bit, find another bar, enter another bar, be a social charming guy, etc… This could be hard work. But unfortunately, it wouldn’t guarantee you anything healthy but a big beer belly… (Tough & Sweat)

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Europeans saying: Englishmen are like mushrooms, they rush out right after the rain.

Well, who are living in London would understand the reason very well. It’s so rare and precious to have a ray of sun and light this July (!?). It has been raining, dark and grey. BBC even had one show on which one of the psychologists turn up and guide you how to get over the weather and do not feel depressed. How lovely the weather is treating us… 🙂

Then, as a matter of fact, when it’s raining and depressing, we get together in a traditional basement bar (aka dungeon) and start drinking. “Oh, c’mon, it’s miserable, let’s drink and have a laugh, forget about everything else. An Eringer for this lady here and 2 Stella, 3 Landlord, and …”

And if the weather is better (i.e., stop raining, don’t think of the sun, it’s luxurious), we get out and continue drinking. “Hey, let’s celebrate the weather, how often do you have a day without raining and miserable cold? C’mon, let’s a have a drink. A toast for the good English weather!” Yay!

I do think drinking is in the British culture, if you don’t drink, you’re anti-social, and we don’t want that, so we drink, booze, be drunk, and suffer from next day’s hangover…

British mention about hangover as something they are proud of, as Italian say about their cuisine, French say about their fashion and style, Spanish say about their passion and flamenco. Hangover is like a loud evidence: Yeah, I’m popular, I’m a social person, I’ve got friends and parties and stuff like that…

Oh, by the way, I’m having a hangover now…

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You love milk? Oh, yeah, me too.

But it looks like milk and UK scientists are not very good friends, milk is the source of their dispute.

In a recent research, it’s said: ” Drinking milk cuts diabetes risk“. It’s a 20-year research. It must be reliable. Hurray, let’s drink milk!

But hold on, actually, in another one, it’s read: “Drinking a glass or two of milk a day may raise the risk of Parkinson’s disease in middle-aged men“. And this is a 30-year research as well. 😦

Or worse, in another one, they recommend you don’t put milk in your tea, it won’t help protecting against heart attack that pure tea does. British tea without milk? I won’t want to imagine 🙂

So, there goes the dilemma, now the choice is yours. Do you want to stay healthy? Follow the scientists.

How paranoiac! What should I do? What should I do?

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