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I went to see “Speed the Plow” the other day. There are only 2 actors and 1 actress on the stage for continuous 90 minutes performance. The plot of the play is simple. A Hollywood producers Charlie and his old mate -Bobby- spend most of their time arguing about Money vs Art, the beautiful secretary, and a controversial book. A book is simply a piece of Art, no Violence, no Sex, no Race, so no catchy script for a Hollywood movie. For the new movie, Charlie is pulled between the two – Bobby, his old mate and Karen, the hot secretary.

Given that there were only 3 of them on the stage, I have to say that their performance was good. Especially, Kevin Spacey (Bobby) was stunning. Eventhough it’s a bit more expensive than I had expected from a £50 ticket (i.e more than €65 or $100 or ¥10,000). But that’s not what I want to talk about.

After the show, some of us were waiting for them to appraise their hard work. Jeff Goldblum (Charlie) went out first with his smile, giving his signatures and talking to people.

About 20 minutes waiting in the cold and wind, Kevin Spacey appeared at the door. Literally, he was behind the door. To me, a cage wouldn’t look too different! (!?)

Suddenly, all my admiration, inspiration, and my sympathy for the guy disappeared. I feel like I’m one those curious people going to the zoo to see a rare species? That was not my idea, I thought I would like to pay my respect to his hard work. I know maybe it’s just another day for him, but I would reckon if he was a celebrity, he should try to be a proper one?


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I learn new things everyday. 🙂

Recently, I’ve been learning to discover about myself (not so interesting) and others (interesting).

One of the most important characteristics is how we are charged, i.e. where we’ve got the energy from. Some get it from socialising, communicating with others ( The Extrovert). Some get it from books, computers and themselves (The Introvert). They can be loud, they can be quiet, or can swing from one to another at times. But it’s not the problem. However, funny enough, extrovert people can turn into introvert ones when they meet very dominant character, if under stress, you might see them going to a corner and sobbing. :-/

It’s very interesting thing to see people under tough situations. Some burst their anger, some swallow it in; some scream, and some others bite their lips and keep silent; some grow stronger, some others need mental counselling and treatments; some quit, and some keep going… It’s life. And it’s FUN!

btw, I’m neither of those. I’m the one who is happy with a hidden strawberry:-)


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Busy life

Busy life means you´re living your life in full.

Busy life means you´re useful.

Busy life means you´re not wasting any minutes of your life.

But busy life also means it’s hard for you to be in touch with friends.

Busy life means you can’t update your blog and it looks poor and sad.

Busy life is good but it also means you’ve got no time for romance…

I’ve got a busy life 😦

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I watched a program today on TV about Addicted to Internet. Nowadays, we live in a Digital world where we can connect to the Internet just with a small mobile phone. As they say, “just a button away“… I find it so easy for me to be addicted to things. When I was really young, I was playing games. A bit older, I started chatting. And sometimes, if I felt like a book, I couldn’t do anything before finishing it, now I enjoy blogging, surfing others’ blogs, etc…

I was thinking I might be categorised as one of those, until recently, I went for my holidays (Btw, that was the reason why my blog looked a bit poor for the last week – sorry 🙂 )

For the last several days, I was out of technology, didn’t touch the computer, didn’t know what was going on in the world, just enjoyed the Sun, the Beach and the lovely relaxing holidays.

And now I’m safe to say that I’m not THAT addicted to the Internet. Can you tell?

Take a fun test!

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Guys, tell me how long does it take you to propose to your girlfriend? or girls, how long does it take your hubby to propose you?

6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, shorter or longer, or never? 🙂

That’s the good thing being a guy, isn’t it? You have the control of the proposal – well, not marriage yet – but at least, after the proposal might come the wedding, not the other way round. A girl, on the other hand, is pretending to be patient and guess. Unless she is like Monica in ‘Friends‘ – asking Chandler – to give her his hand 🙂

My question is how long it should be enough to make such a decision? Maybe time is not the real issue, the matter is how they are getting along? Is it really true???

So if a couple are sticky, can they get married after 3 months going out? Is it too early or is it ok?

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Yes, it is a mental game. Mental, I mean a Crazy Mind Game. It’s a game between the employer and the candidate. I’ve been in these two positions. The game is always the same.
And here’s my conclusion: It’s just a matter of who’s more desperate!

Ideal case:

If the company is having good reputation, rewarding jobs, good budget for the employees, a lot of applications of potential calibre candidates will be received. And they can choose the most suitable ones for the job. Perfect! Everyone’s happy. That’s the ideal situation. It happens in life, but not so often, I’m afraid.

More realistic cases:

Tom, for example, might be so fed up of his current job. He can breathe no more in his office. He wanted to get away as soon as possible. But he couldn’t afford staying out of job. He saw an advert of a potentially good job for him. And the salary read: Negotiable. He applied. He liked the job, but the salary turned out to be so unbelievably low. After thinking, and thinking, and thinking… He decided to get the job. In this case, he’s the desperate one. After working there for sometime, he realised he was so underpaid and the job eventually might not be worthy. He decided to leave.

The company is now advertising the position again. Of course, with a tight budget. Calibres ask for good money, so not many will apply. The so-so apply but also want more money. Just the not-so-competent ones are happy. So many have been rejected because the company doesn’t want to pay more. Alright. Tom’s leaving day is coming closer. The company needs to get someone to replace him, and quick! That’s when the employer is desperate. Finally, they would accept anyone, who might have half of his brain and ask for almost twice as much Tom’s earning. And the company has no other choice but say Yes.

So, here’s the tip:

If you can avoid desperate situations, do it. Desperation normally doesn’t bring wise decisions.

Otherwise, bring your Good Luck in your interview 🙂

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Co-writers: Sirventes & Liliane

They said: Economic bubbles were about to be burst. It dragged down stock markets and the world wide Economy. A Depression as bad as 1929 was about to happen. But whom was it to be blamed? Or really, was there such a crisis?

Last week, we witnessed volatile market movements. All the electric boards in the City were red, share prices dropped, newspapers were talking about a financial crisis and compared it with the 1929 Great Depression.

Reasons??? Obsession, Sub-prime, Panic.

Obsession to have a house in the US is as high as anywhere else in the world, the house where they live in, a second house for lending, that’s even better. The normal thing was a middle class retiree tries to hold on at least one property.
Before granting the credit, in US and UK, what the banks/ lenders do is that they “run a credit check”, which means, they are using a third party to check if the borrow is able to repay the loan or not. Normally, if it’s a “not good credit rating” or “not enough credit history”, borrowers are rejected.
So, sub-prime lenders appear as a hero for those who have been rejected by the banks with “credit checking” procedures. These sub-prime lenders agree to lend those with poor or no credit history, but of course, with higher interest rate – due to higher risk.
And what would happen? Default! Sub-prime borrowers cannot repay the loans. And when the level of bad debt is rising, the news comes out. And there it spreads on the news. Several hedge funds collapse, bailouts are needed…

Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke warns that the crisis in the US sub-prime lending market could cost up to $100bn

Alright. Another sector crisis. It happens. The worse thing starts the news spreads this and a market panic is inevitable. In front of every house, there is a now a “For-sale” sign.

And to make it even worse, in the City, brokers are not fundamentalists. They don’t pay much attention to a company ‘s yield or performance during the year. What they are using is called Technical Analysis, which, in simple word, is: They look at the graph of share price. When it goes up to one point, they sell. When it goes down to a certain point, they buy. But if the price continues going down, instead of analysing the situation of “sub-prime” panic, they sell, and other brokers see that, they also sell, and the price is therefore plunging like a stone…
The banks are now doing the same thing, sell as much as they can, and stop granting more credit… Which, in turn, worsen the situation.

The central banks – the Fed, ECB, Bank of England, Bank of Canada, etc… have been injecting money into the market (approx $323 billion) in just two days, and are ready to take actions to intervene. The markets are now recovering. Relief! No more crisis!

Hmm… So where was the fuss?

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