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This is what I found on my holidays last week in a beautiful town by the beach. I think this is the most sensible advertisement that I have ever seen.


Mr Material is looking for his Ms Right:

  • Good Woman
  • Must be able to cook
  • Clean
  • Gut fish
  • Dig worms
  • Have a nice boat
  • Have a prestige car
  • Please send your photo of car and boat to…

Heehee.. At least this guy doesn’t lie 🙂


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Guys, tell me how long does it take you to propose to your girlfriend? or girls, how long does it take your hubby to propose you?

6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, shorter or longer, or never? 🙂

That’s the good thing being a guy, isn’t it? You have the control of the proposal – well, not marriage yet – but at least, after the proposal might come the wedding, not the other way round. A girl, on the other hand, is pretending to be patient and guess. Unless she is like Monica in ‘Friends‘ – asking Chandler – to give her his hand 🙂

My question is how long it should be enough to make such a decision? Maybe time is not the real issue, the matter is how they are getting along? Is it really true???

So if a couple are sticky, can they get married after 3 months going out? Is it too early or is it ok?

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It’s amazing. I learn a new thing about myself everyday. 🙂

I’ve never realised how open I am in a relationship. That is, I mean I wouldn’t mind my boyfriend talking friendly with some other girls in the office or his acquaintances. And I wouldn’t mind his hello or good-bye kisses on girls’ cheeks either (cheeks only, of course :-). In the end, kiss is something in our culture, isn’t it? It’s warm, nice and sincere.

On the other hand, I notice there are some other girls who do not like that, at all. When I say “at all”, I mean, she might go mad when she sees her boyfriend talking to somebody else (even that is a female colleague). And what did he do wrong? SMILE! Just a gentle smile, nothing else, no flirt, no wink, nothing but a smile. That’s enough for a storm to start. Right in the middle of the office. (Uffff…)

They work together, so a work lunch with other colleagues is prohibited unless she is invited and is in the mood to go too. No more outing/ drinking without her, ever, again!

Before the relationship, he was the fun guy. Now, what is he like? He can’t have a smile with another girl, not even a normal talk… Is that really what a girl wants to turn her boyfriend into?

What I don’t get is, if you are living with her and working with her, that is 24 / 7 you are attached with somebody without your own private space. And if you were the boyfriend, would you feel a bit stuffy?

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